A Day of Thanksgiving / Thy Kingdom Come


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A Day of Thanksgiving – How are we as a nation able to have a Thanksgiving Day? Why is the United States the richest country ever, while other nations have great resources, yet flounder? President George Washington gave a speech in 1789 declaring an annual day of thanksgiving to pray and acknowledge with thankful hearts all the favors of Almighty God—for the plenty we’ve enjoyed. But there was no ACLU to prevent the President from doing this. The knowledge of God and the truth have since been suppressed. Learn what the lingering consequences are. Also hear about King Nebuchadnezzar’s vision, how his mind was taken away for seven years, and how this story relates to this.

Thy Kingdom Come – In The Messiah, Neusner wrote a stunning idea: “When Israel really wants the Messiah to come, he will come.” At the same time Christians are looking for the second coming of the Messiah, the Jews are waiting for the first. And it is suggested that it hasn’t happened because we don’t want it badly enough. Does he have a point? The first request in the Lord’s Prayer is “Thy Kingdom Come.” You may imagine that God has a big red X on the day on His calendar when Christ is to return. But Paul hints that if there is such a date it could be cut short. Christ said no man knows the day or hour. Do you pray “Thy Kingdom Come,” but mean not today?