A Christian Failure / A Christian Ideal


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A Christian Failure – Because of so much bad publicity and dissent, the University of Delaware had to abandon a program requiring 7000 students living in dormitories to attend training sessions about the university’s approved views on politics, race, sexuality, diversity, and environmentalism. Does this mean that the views the university doesn’t approve are not welcome? What was going on is the inevitable result of the loss of any objective moral standards of right conduct. When a basis for morality is taken away, it will be replaced with a civil religion, often called secularism. It’s in your best interest to listen to this message, because the new civil religion isn’t nearly as tolerant as Christianity.

A Christian Ideal – It is a small national conceit that Freedom is an American idea. Nor does Freedom owe its origins to the Greeks. Freedom is a singular Christian ideal—the religion of the Bible, the worship of the Creator of all things. The declaration of independence, the founding document of these United States, acknowledged that the idea of Freedom originated with God. Freedom includes freedom of religion, speech, assembly, and the press. Without those, democracy quickly becomes mob-ocracy. Learn from this broadcast what has happened to the Islam world because of a lack of liberty. Dictatorship means disaster for Muslim countries and more terrorism throughout the world—and so does democracy without freedom.