A Broken Wall / Saving the Truth


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A Broken Wall – The morning after the World Trade Center tragedy, I was watching speeches from the floor of the House and the Senate. Our lawmakers were angry, and frankly, a little spaced out. They were probably a lot like the rest of us: Stunned. A little bit numb. They resembled nothing more than family members after a sudden and tragic loss. In the speech Majority Leader Tom Daschle gave that morning, he quoted one verse from the Prophet Isaiah that made my blood run cold. Get this CD and you’ll learn what he said and why it made my blood run cold.

This program is also available in the The Day America Changed? series.

Saving the Truth – The truth is said to be the first casualty in any war, and I have no doubt it is so. Adolf Hitler and his gang lied long before they got into power and used murder and lies to get to power. War and battle generate confusion, and the confusion generates its own set of lies. Fear of disclosure, fear of loss—these things take a terrible toll on the truth. Then there is the tactical lie. The Taliban lied by telling their people that Americans dropped poisoned food for the poor Afghan people. Media lies contribute to the fog of battle. How on earth can we know if the media is telling us the truth? Learn from this message when the media is helpful, how you should never forget what the truth is, and what the most dangerous lie is.

This program is also available in the The Day America Changed? series.