20 Years: An Audio Celebration


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Favorites, Milestones, and Rarities: Celebrating 20 Years — This awesome collection of Ronald L. Dart audio contains the first Born to Win (BTW) broadcast, the first CEM sermon, the first CEM Feast message, and the first Weekend Bible Study (WBS). In addition to these firsts are other messages such as My Role Model, For All the Saints, The Self-Directed Christian, Worn Down by the World, The Sabbath: A Confession of Faith, and A Personal Testimony. This series totals more than 30 messages, not counting rare two-minute and ten-minute Born to Win programs. Request your FREE copy of this collection of CEM history as our gift to you in celebration of 20 years of ministry.

This album includes the following on 14 CDs:

  • Revelation #1 (BTW #1 with a special introduction)
  • Making Life Work #1 (BTW #11)
  • The Adoration of God (first CEM sermon)
  • The Nativity and Tabernacles (first CEM Feast message)
  • The Sabbath: A Confession of Faith
  • Real Prophets #12 (BTW #100)
  • A Personal Testimony
  • The Grace to Win (BTW #370)
  • Why I Keep the Sabbath
  • The Mysteries of God (BTW #341)
  • The Way to Win (BTW #400)
  • Born Under This Moon
  • The Self-Directed Christian
  • Worn Down by the World
  • Prince of Death (BTW #500)
  • My Role Model
  • For All the Saints
  • The Gospel of Mark #1 (WBS #1)
  • The Book of Deuteronomy #9 (WBS #100)
  • Cold Comfort (BTW #600)
  • Power Versus Freedom (BTW #800)
  • The Covenant Inside
  • About the New Covenant (BTW #840)
  • Thankful for the Hard Times
  • Why I Love the Feast

Bonus Audio:

  • Introduction to The Lonely God
  • 2-minute Radio Programs
  • Not Every Christian / Born Again? (10-minute programs)
  • Readings from the Psalms and Proverbs