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This entry is part 4 of 0 in the series The Book of Nehemiah (Rich Glasgow)

At this point, Nehemiah and his traveling party had been in Jerusalem for just a few days. They rested for three days, and then Nehemiah wasted no time getting to work. Nothing more is mentioned about the military escort that the king had provided. Maybe they returned to Shushan, or maybe they left to patrol nearby regions of the Persian empire. We don’t know; we’re just not told. I don’t think they stayed with Nehemiah, or else Nehemiah would not have felt it necessary to take some of the precautions we will read about today.

So, open your Bible and join us for part four of this Bible study series on Nehemiah.

Rich Glasgow

Rich Glasgow

Richard Glasgow, Ambassador College graduate and avid student of Ron Dart, brings the Minor Prophets and the Book of Daniel to life. Intriguing lessons you'll never forget!

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