Being Present in Love

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To speak of being “present” sounds like psycho-babble. Aren’t we always “present” wherever we are? And with the question, the answer whispers in our minds: “No, my mind is sometimes not where my body is.” It’s those times when we daydream. When we look right at someone while they talk to us, thinking of something else.

While we all do this sometimes, we can probably agree it is not the way we should interact habitually with our friends, our brothers and sisters, or anyone else—not even with that pesky complainer among us. For what did Christ call each of us to do? To love one another (John 13:34). Christ called it a command, and said it was how others would know that we are his disciples (John 13:35). Think about it: a commandment, and a sign to identify who we follow. Sounds like the Sabbath day, doesn’t it? Do you treat it as if it is just as important?

Simply Youth Ministry Today says there are four things we can do to show love. Show up when we are needed. Be present—give the person or situation our full attention. Make ourselves available to help with special requests. And finally, show up again after the initial hubbub has faded, and everyone else has gone back to their normal life.

If we can do this, Jesus has said that we will be his disciples indeed (John 8:31).

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Image Credits: Joel Montes de Oca