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Watch Sermons from the 2013 Feast of Tabernacles

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"A Day of Thanksgiving"

by Ronald L. Dart

November 27, 2014


"The Devil and the Useful Idiot"

by Ronald L. Dart

May 6, 2000


"The Testimony of John #7"

by Ronald L. Dart

November 21, 2014

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Isaiah - CD Series

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Isaiah - CD Series

The Messiah's Prophet. Handel's best-known oratorio, The Messiah, was composed in 24 days in 1741. Truly, it is recognized as one of the greatest musical compositions of all times. Many of the arias and recitatives from this inspirational work were taken from the Book of Isaiah. No prophet's work has been sung more.

Ronald L. Dart reads the entire Book of Isaiah accentuated with background music and enhanced with his thoughtful commentary. It has been recorded on CD for your listening convenience, enlightenment, edification and inspiration. God has spoken these words through the Prophet Isaiah, and when God speaks we want to listen.

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