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"For the Children"

by Ronald L. Dart

December 20, 2014


"What's Not Pagan"

by Ronald L. Dart

September 20, 2002


"The Testimony of John #11"

by Ronald L. Dart

December 19, 2014

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Time With God: Reflections on the Psalms, 74-91

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Time With God: Reflections on the Psalms, 74-91

    This book by Ronald L. Dart, the fifth in a continuing series of Reflection on the Psalms is for readers. This is another book you will want to add to your collection. The psalms are a rich source of the thoughts of men of God. They will touch you because you have some of the same fears, the same hurts, the same loves. Reflecting on these psalms will change your life. There is much to be learned from the psalms. Make this chapbook and the others in the series a part of your daily prayer and mediation. Each book can be carried in your briefcase or purse to read on a plane, or while you are in a doctor's waiting room. Spending time reflecting on the psalms can change your prayers—it can change you!

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