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"The Road"

by Ronald L. Dart

August 1, 2014


"Acts 1:15 - 2:40"

by Ronald L. Dart

September 5, 1998


"The Book of Daniel #7"

by Richard Glasgow

July 25, 2014

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The Wisdom Books - CD Series

Happiness in life is made up of minutes—fractions of minutes—a kind word, a touch of a hand, a smile, a kiss. A happy marriage is also made up of these things. Every newly wed would benefit from understanding King Solomon's allegory of the loving relationship imparted so romantically in the Song of Songs in your Bible. This poetic drama celebrates the pure love of a maiden for her rustic shepherd lover. The bride and groom will remember this as a gift that keeps on giving.

Also included in this beautiful CD album are the Books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes professionally read by Ronald L. Dart to background music. These are gifts from God for a friend, a graduate, a person with a special birthday, or even a gift to yourself.

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