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"Christian Holidays #3"

by Ronald L. Dart

April 16, 2014


"Delight in the Lord"

by Richard Glasgow

April 5, 2014


"The Epistles of Paul #41"

by Ronald L. Dart

April 11, 2014

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The Gospel of John - CD Series

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The Gospel of John - CD Series

Most people have an image in their minds-eye of God the Father sitting on the throne and Jesus Christ at His right hand. They imagine two persons or two individuals and the Holy Spirit as a Ghost, and you don't see ghosts. John presents us with an astonishing theology about the Son of Man and the Son of God.

The Jews knew He was claiming divinity. Greek and Roman theologians were moving into a polytheistic world, how did they avoid the stigma of polytheism while recognizing that Jesus was God in the flesh?

The result: The doctrine of the Trinity. This doctrine has become the litmus test to determine if you are Christian. Gain clarity to this conundrum by hearing this series of stimulating and thought provoking messages.

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